For more than 100 years, the Schmitt family has produced high quality Riesling that is one of America’s favorite wines. With our fifth generation now working in this family-owned company, many of our decisions are still made at the dinner table. Schmitt Söhne Family Wines remains a leader among German wine-makers and American wine importers.

Often called the world’s most food-friendly wine, Riesling is the only varietal under the Schmitt Söhne Family Wines brand. And, as any true wine expert will tell you, the best Rieslings in the world come from Germany. Riesling is what we do best and what we have passion for. Year after year and generation after generation, you won’t find a company — or a family — more dedicated to bringing you the best Riesling has to offer.

From our family to your table, Schmitt Söhne Family Wines says “#Cheers.”

Schmitt Sohne Family Wines Qba


A medium-bodied, semi-sweet Rheinhessen Riesling with peach and apple aromas and a light crisp, fruity flavor. Well-balanced and easy to drink, our Qualitätswein is delightful as a cocktail or as an accompaniment to lighter foods like pork, ham, fish, poultry and Asian dishes.


Riesling Kabinett


Made from fully-ripened, hand-picked grapes, Kabinett draws its name from where the wine maker hid his best wines…in his cabinet. Light bodied, with a tart apple flavor that’s lively on the palate. Perfect as a cocktail or with cheese, fruit, salads, shellfish and poultry.


Riesling Spätlese


Spätlese literally means “late harvest” and is made from grapes that remain on the vine – where they continue to ripen and intensify in flavor – for up to several weeks after the main harvest. The result is a delicious concentration of fruit that is excellent as a cocktail, with cheese, fruit or wild game birds. Spätlese is also a perfect match with southwestern, Asian, Thai, Cajun or any spicy cuisine.


Riesling Auslese


Auslese (selected harvest) wines are made from grapes that remain on the vine until extremely late in the year – as late as December! The result is a mouth-filling, luscious wine that’s excellent as a cocktail wine or for sipping after a memorable dinner. The hints of apricot, nectarine and honey complement a range of cheeses, fruits and desserts.AUSicons