One of America’s top 10 wine importers, Schmitt Sohne is also the world’s leading importer of Riesling. Riesling, as most wine lovers will agree is the most food-friendly white wine. And the best Rieslings in the world come from Germany. Over the years, Schmitt Sohne has grown beyond importing only authentic German Rieslings. Today we are America’s choice for great European wines. Our brands range from the serious and traditional to the friendly, fun and whimsical. Whatever your taste, Schmitt Sohne has a wine you’ll love.

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The Schmitt Sohne Extended Family


Simple and accessible,
Fünf Wines make wine fun and easy. With friendly price-points and easy-to-open screw-tops, Fünf Wines are everyday wines for wine lovers and casual consumers alike.


RELAX® Wines aren’t about complicated names or flashy labels. They’re for people who just want great-tasting, everyday wines without the gimmicks.
RELAX Wines are a great choice for every occasion, every taste and every personality.


Wines from the Thomas Schmitt Private Collection are imbued with the complex minerality and balance of fruit and acidity that is the hallmark of Mosel Valley terrior. Available predikats may vary from vintage to vintage.


Liebfraumilch is a soft, medium-bodied, easy-to-drink wine with fragrant fruit accents of apricots, pears and peaches. It pairs well with salads, chicken, spicy dishes and fruits.


Our Piesporter is a beautifully fragrant, medium-bodied wine with up-front fruit that continues to develop on the palate. Hints of peaches and green apples are balanced perfectly with crisp acidity to give it a clean, fresh finish. Ideal by itself or to complement a variety of meat and seafood dishes.


Zeller Schwarze Katz has long been a staple of German wines. Its immense popularity can be attributed to its versatility as well as its value. From the Schwarze Katz, (“Black Cat”) vineyards near the village of Zell, this medium-bodied wine is light, crisp and refreshing. Serve lightly chilled and enjoy with lighter style foods, or simply by itself.