Schmitt Sohne is the leading importer of German Rieslings.

Of all the world’s Rieslings, the ones produced in Germany have the most distinctive mineral character, and are the most highly prized by wine lovers for their balance of fruit and acidity.

As the leading importer of German Rieslings – and a leader of America’s Riesling Renaissance – Thomas Schmitt knows that the secret to these grapes lies below ground in Germany’s slate-rich soil and in the climate and micro climates of each vineyard. This, combined with steep, sloping vineyards – which can be as steep as 80°- not only expose the Riesling vines to more sunlight, but force the vines to extend their roots deeper into the mineral-soaked soil. This results in grapes with an unusually complex character.

Historically, Germany is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions. Charlemagne, it’s said, was the first to recognize the winemaking potential of the countryside’s rolling hills, valleys and unique soil. According to legend, it was he who ordered the first vines to be planted there. One region has been continuously planted since the Romans arrived more than 2,000 years ago. Schmitt Sohne is located along the Mosel River in the village of Longuich, which was founded by the Romans and literally translated means “Long Village.”

Today, the wines that are produced in Germany with a perfect balance of minerality, acidity, sweetness and fruit are considered the most perfect, purest expression of the Riesling grape.

Schmitt Sohnes Wines is America's leading importer of German Wines